Please read this before posting any bug reports.

- Post your suggestions here only if you think that it would fix a bug or defect. If you want to suggest more features for the game, please use the forums.
- Providing us with as much information as you can will shorten the time required to fix a bug. If you encounter a bug during a single player game, provide us with the savegame file wherein you encountered the bug. If this is not possible, still providing us with a savegame file of that character might help us.
- If the bug you encountered was related with a crash to desktop, a performance decrease or a hardware specific error, then please provide us with specifications of your computer and copy & paste rgl_log.txt file that is located in the game folder.
- Before posting a report, please make at least a quick search to see if there is another thread made for the same bug or suggestion.
- Please keep tracking the bug reports that you have posted. We might ask for more information.

1. rgl_log.txt files are generally located in the game's install directory, for example:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\mountblade warband
2. Savegame files are generally located in the following directory:
C:\Users\(Your Name)\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband Savegames\Native